Looking for legal assistance for your municipal government?

Just because you are a small county or city does not mean you should have limited choices. At the same time, you should not be paying exorbitant legal fees just because you are a larger county or city either. In smaller cities and counties, there can be few local options for legal help, possibly only one law firm trying to handle everything. The team at Foster & Smith delivers high-value legal expertise without the extreme price. Instead of requiring a large retainer, we work on an on-call basis, so your government gets exactly what is needed without paying for more than what is needed. Our team has diverse experience and can deliver specialized care to fit your local government's specific needs. We handle a variety of matters including:

  • Right of way Acquisitions
  • Eminent Domain Matters
  • Excessive Force Litigation
  • Jail Medical Conditions
  • Questions about Legal Authority of Elected Officials
  • Accident Litigation
  • Tax Collection
  • Creation and Operation of Local and Regional Land Banks
  • Litigation under 42 U.S.C. § 1983


Every city and county feels the effects of tax delinquency. Without tax revenues, important city and county operations like police and fire protection would be drastically reduced. The personnel requirements for tax collection can also be a massive drain on governmental resources. That is why we have pioneered a comprehensive approach to tax collection that starts with the initial delinquency and can proceed all the way through tax sales and into the administration of excess funds.

Tax Collection

A land bank is essentially the big reset button for problem properties. Since the real estate crash in the mid 2000s, every city and county has vacant properties, dilapidated properties, properties where the delinquent taxes are approaching or exceeding the value of the property themselves, or title problems preventing tax sales from happening. Land banks were created to address these particular needs.

Land Bank


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David Harbin
CEO, Harbinger Marketing
Foster & Smith is the best legal team I have ever worked with! Their team is knowledgeable and reachable when I need them. Most importantly, they understand the needs of a small business. Foster & Smith understands the importance of efficiency and a strong return on legal investment. Their advice has been very helpful with any legal issues I've had to navigate. Harbinger Marketing is more effective and better protected because of investments made with Foster & Smith. I'd highly recommend them to any business owner!
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Carnell Thomas
I want to thank Foster & Smith for a great job, from start to finish. Keeping me informed with paperwork, contacts and the Courts of the final completion of favor with getting the Quiet Title Action resolved. Their team kept me informed of all paperwork, contacts, and the Courts until the moment of final completion. Mr. Blake Meadows and the staff [obtained] a very, very positive result in my favor [with] the Court clarifying my sole legal ownership of my property. I strongly recommend Mr. Blake Meadows and this law firm to whoever is looking for serious, dedicated, honest, reliable attorneys who will work with and for their clients nonstop until the job is completed in their favor. Lastly, Mr. Blake Meadows and I got a chance to talk about the Word of God, our mission for the Lord, and family. Mr. Meadows is a great brother, friend and Lawyer to know. Thank you all Mr. Blake Meadows, staff and firm.
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Evelyn Rosier
I would highly recommend Foster & Smith to anyone who needs the services their firm offers. Foster & Smith represented me well. Everything was done in a timely manner and they kept me apprised of everything going on in my lawsuit. My experience was Superb and A+.