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How Can We Help You Plan For The Future?

Planning for the future is wise for the sake of you and your loved ones. The team at Foster & Smith creates cost-effective solutions which are tailored to fit your needs. Instead of attempting to make your plan through a YouTube how-to or Legal Zoom, you can have your documents customized and completed by professionals in under two hours at an affordable rate. Whether you are reaching retirement or just starting your career, having a will is wise, especially if you own property or have children. Your customized package can even include minor or contingent trusts, a separate living trust, an advance directive for health care, and a financial power of attorney.

What to Expect

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    During a consultation, we will determine what your needs are so we can offer a solution which will accommodate your goals. If your needs are quite simple, we may even be able to complete all your documents that same day.
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    Create a plan which meets your goals

    We will not sell you something you do not need. Our team will create a solution which accounts for your desires, but does not include anything unnecessary for your goals.
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    Draft documentation and ensure you understand it

    Peace of mind comes from understanding. We want you to understand your plan and how your goals will be met. The team will make sure every aspect of your documentation is explained fully. Once you understand and approve, your documentation will be notarized, signed, and witnessed in accordance with the law.

Why Choose Us?

The Foster & Smith Difference
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    Price is the only area where we want to be below your expectations. We promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.
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    The idea of meeting with an attorney is usually as enjoyable as an IRS audit. We will make the planning process quick and easy, so you can get back to the things and people in your life that make it worth living.
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    We will listen to your story, figure out what you need, and make sure your plan covers it. All of our plans are custom-built to fit each client's needs specifically.


Hear from our clients!
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David Harbin
CEO, Harbinger Marketing
Foster & Smith is the best legal team I have ever worked with! Their team is knowledgeable and reachable when I need them. Most importantly, they understand the needs of a small business. Foster & Smith understands the importance of efficiency and a strong return on legal investment. Their advice has been very helpful with any legal issues I've had to navigate. Harbinger Marketing is more effective and better protected because of investments made with Foster & Smith. I'd highly recommend them to any business owner!
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Carnell Thomas
I want to thank Foster & Smith for a great job, from start to finish. Keeping me informed with paperwork, contacts and the Courts of the final completion of favor with getting the Quiet Title Action resolved. Their team kept me informed of all paperwork, contacts, and the Courts until the moment of final completion. Mr. Blake Meadows and the staff [obtained] a very, very positive result in my favor [with] the Court clarifying my sole legal ownership of my property. I strongly recommend Mr. Blake Meadows and this law firm to whoever is looking for serious, dedicated, honest, reliable attorneys who will work with and for their clients nonstop until the job is completed in their favor. Lastly, Mr. Blake Meadows and I got a chance to talk about the Word of God, our mission for the Lord, and family. Mr. Meadows is a great brother, friend and Lawyer to know. Thank you all Mr. Blake Meadows, staff and firm.
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Evelyn Rosier
I would highly recommend Foster & Smith to anyone who needs the services their firm offers. Foster & Smith represented me well. Everything was done in a timely manner and they kept me apprised of everything going on in my lawsuit. My experience was Superb and A+.